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Flights & Bites Tastings

Our guided tastings are curated experiences that are thoughtfully assembled to reflect a central theme. Each of the wines that are showcased in a flight represent specific characteristics and traits that tell the story of the theme. We partner each wine with a small bite meant to illustrate pairing possibilities and to further enhance your enjoyment of these wines. Flights & Bites are $27.


The climate, soils and overall characteristics of the Finger Lakes region make it an ideal production site for sparkling wines. With crisp acidity and textural complexity, our partner wineries produce a variety of sparkling styles, from the traditional Methode Champenoise to the more easy drinking off dry style of sparkling wines. This flight showcases a range of styles, from complex and nuanced to light and fruity. Each wine will be partnered with a small bite to demonstrate how sparkling wines are the darlings of food pairings.

Reds of Texture and Nuance

The cool climate of this region coupled with the soil composition produces red wines of elegance and nuance. The Finger Lakes region is home to a variety of mainstream and unique red varietals that produce exceptional red wines. This flight focuses on a survey of red grape varietals and how our partner wineries create wines that bring the best out of these grapes. The bites that partner with the wines in this flight focus on how flavour and texture can enhance enjoyment of these red wines. 


The Finger Lakes region is home to a broad diversity of grape varietals, many of which are unfamiliar or unheard of. This flight is designed to be a starting point from which to explore the diverse grapes of the region, and encompasses a variety of styles. These varietals will surprise you with their quality and characteristics, and help you discover some of the novel wines of the region. This flight features partnered bites that help bring out the unique and flavourful characteristics of these wines.

Crisp and Refreshing

White wines are always a refreshing, crisp option especially during the warmer months. The climate and soils of the Finger Lakes region make it particularly suited to producing whites of varying character. This flight showcases an array of varietals that demonstrate the depth and breadth of white wines that are made here in the Finger Lakes. Our bites span an array of common and not so common partnerships that bring out the best in these wines.

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